Pablo Genoves' Catastrophic Digital Collage Art

I want to decorate an entire wall with Pablo Genoves' digital art.
Love the juxtaposition of the opulence with ruination.

HVD Blog Love

In the spirit of this follyday (that I so secretly love) I thought I would share with you my absolutely favorite blogs. 
I love you, blogs!

For when I feel deprived of beauty, I come to this oasis.

For stunning photography, a bundle of art inspiration and quirky must-have illustrations.
I love Joanna Goddard's blog SO MUCH! Her light-hearted blogging style is a picker-upper Mon-Fri. You know this blog already, of course. If you don't, how's under-rock land these days?

For reminding me that cooking can be beautiful and presentation always makes the food taste better! 
... and for inspiring me to cook at all!

For making me homesick (she's a Montrealer), reminding me to do courageous things (she's living in northern Quebec - that's very north), and to take life as it comes and to enjoy it with gusto! 

Because ooohhh, child (in my sloppy southern USA accent), this woman has an eye! 
Her kitchen is perfection. Perfection!

HVD from Etsy

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Silhouetters!
Hope you have a lovely day shared with your lovies.
I am in the library all day with Econ but dreaming of treats like this one:

I'm not much of a baker and I don't really have the facilities to properly bake but I think I'd like to give this one a go. Raspberri Cupcakes' recipe looks pretty simple. Find it here.

When is rhubarb in season again?
Also, I've lost 29 lbs so far! Yipee!

Neat Thought

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I loved that quote when I came across it in the paper this morning.
It stirred something in me. What do I create?
I blog, I cook, I study, I walk but really my life is a little short on creation. Or is it?
I have trouble believing sometimes that I am creative but then it occurred to me this morning:
my sense of humour, my ability to make people feel at ease, to smooth out uncomfortable social situations... these are skills that I am proud of, skills which require creativity. 

What a nice sentiment: thinking of one's life as their canvas. Friendship, admiration, conflict, sex, confusion, love, obsession, respect... are all colours on our colour wheel.
I don't need to paint or write or 'create' to be an artist.
Life is beautiful and it is our greatest work of art. We are always creating.
Neat thought, no?

one two three four

So this weekend I'm really craving some rest...

With some physical activity...

But for the most part, I will be buried in books...

And at work brewing coffee...


because I just lost 21 lbs!
Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing weekend.

One very lovely post.  - Someone thought I wrote it!

Also, think about donating a rose in solidarity this Valentine's Day.

Let's Reminisce

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring RTW 2008

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