HVD Blog Love

In the spirit of this follyday (that I so secretly love) I thought I would share with you my absolutely favorite blogs. 
I love you, blogs!

For when I feel deprived of beauty, I come to this oasis.

For stunning photography, a bundle of art inspiration and quirky must-have illustrations.
I love Joanna Goddard's blog SO MUCH! Her light-hearted blogging style is a picker-upper Mon-Fri. You know this blog already, of course. If you don't, how's under-rock land these days?

For reminding me that cooking can be beautiful and presentation always makes the food taste better! 
... and for inspiring me to cook at all!

For making me homesick (she's a Montrealer), reminding me to do courageous things (she's living in northern Quebec - that's very north), and to take life as it comes and to enjoy it with gusto! 

Because ooohhh, child (in my sloppy southern USA accent), this woman has an eye! 
Her kitchen is perfection. Perfection!

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