'bout me.

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my wee little frivolous blog!

This is me:

Age 27 ~ Female ~ Rebel ~ Romantic ~ Soul-Searching ~ Aesthete ~ Cinéaste ~ Survivor ~ Aspiring Historian and Antiquarian ~ Naturalist and Nature Lover ~ Closeted Musician and Singer ~ Amateur Photographer ~ Sartorially Inclined ~ Nomad ~ Curious ~ Self-Proclaimed Decorator ~ Wannabe Musicologist ~ Psychological Therapy Enthusiast ~ Culinary Novice and Foodie ~ Environmentally Flirty ~ Bibliophile ~ Zen Seeker ~  Occasional Manic and/or Melancholic ~ Delusional Ballerina ~ Presumptuous Yogini ~ Perpetually and Eternally a Student ~ Victim of Delusions of Grandeur ~ Lazy Athlete ~ Unique ~ Just like everyone else...

This is my story:
I just moved to Victoria, BC after many years of travelling and living out of a suitcase to start over and put down some roots. I have a voracious thirst for all things nice, warm and beautiful.

Current vocation of choice: Child/Youth Counselor.

Pet Peeves (a.k.a. Don't do this anywhere near my blog, please):
Condescension, Pretension, Meanness, Racism, Homophobia. So take your bigotry elsewhere! 
Be nice, y'all!

If you want to know more:
A collection of favourites.
I answered the Proust Questionnaire.
My Causes. (Coming soon!)
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