The Favourites

Note: I love recommendations!
(The artists in my top 25 most played songs from my iTunes)

... I'm working on lengthening this list. I have peculiar needs when it comes to choosing a favoured book. I wouldn't say I know my shit about books as much as I do about music. However I do love many, many children's books... such as Eloise, anything by Roald Dahl and Grimm's Fairy Tales (of the ones I've actually read - there are so many).
Vicky Christina Barcelona
I just have to emphasize, if you didn't already realize from my list above, I have an odd appreciation for love stories that end badly, so if you know of any, please let me know!

Frasier - Almost every episode is available on youtube!
Friday Night Lights - Best written and most underrated TV show.
Gilmore Girls - What's not to like?  
Midsomer Murders - Great mystery and not gory.

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