101 Masterlist

In my former blog I mentioned a project I had come across on other blogs called 101 in 1001. It's 101 goals in 1001 days, which is roughly 2.75 years. I kind of started and failed miserably but am back on track now, especially since I have a job! So this is go #2 and and it's starting April 6th, 2010 so that it will end December 31, 2012. Hopefully I won't defer from the plan too much this time... Got any major goals?

Italics - in progress. Crossed out - accomplished! Untouched - Oops, I'm getting to it!

Personal Habits:
1 - Wake up every morning, light candles and do some sun salutations.
2 - Then meditate for 10 minutes.
3 - Renew commitment daily! (aka review my Goal book - more on that later.)
4 - Then EAT BREAKFAST! Make time for it! Make it a priority...
5 - along with vitamins - with iron.
6 - Drink 2 liters of water a day - religiously!
7 - Don't forget to floss. Daily! ie put post-it reminder note on mirror by sink.
8 - At the end of the day, must perform some self-care. Bath, chocolate, mani/pedi. Indulge and 
appreciate this luxury.
9 - Before bed write 3 things I am grateful for that day - to exercise gratitude.
10 - Make the Asana part of yoga a regularity. Twice a week minimum.
11 - Exercise daily. Either walk 10,000 steps a day or do 30 minutes of cardio.
12 - Keep good sleep hygiene. Sleep 8 hours a night and go to bed and wake up at the same time 
every day.
13 - Have a cleanse day once a month from this book.
14 - Keep practicing the guitar.
15 - Cook! Actually learn to cook! Commit learning one meal a week. Julie & Julia styles. :)

To Do:
16- Finish Goal Book - a sort of vision board in a journal.
17 - Finish preparing fitness journal - by adding inspirational quotes and clippings.
18 - Start a health history binder.
19 - Put idea notebook in purse - to jot down ideas, of course!
20 - Put post-its on nightstand - to jot down forget-me-nots.

To Do Health:
(with the guidance of people like Dr. Oz and the general Oprah family...)
21 - Do a 5 day cleanse from this book.
22 - Go vegan for a week! Just one week, to learn what adjustments and tricks I can pick up.
23 - Find a GP.
24 - Go to dentist for check-up.
25 - Find a psych.
26 - Find a gyno.
27 - Test blood pressure.
28 - Check cholesterol.
29 - Check resting heart rate.
30 - Test blood sugar... and figure out with this is important.
31 - Check Vitamin D.
32 - Check C-Reactive Protein... and find out what that is!
33 - Get pap smear.
34 - Make 2010 an alcohol-free year. Focus on health!
35 - Eliminate enriched flour - whole grains only!
36 - Eliminate sugar - this may be a little extreme since I will eventually have a drink again, and 
love sweets... and I'm not trying to kill myself here! I mean, chocolate? C'mon!
37 - Eliminate high-fructose corn syrup.
38 - Eliminate saturated fat - heart disease anyone?
39 - Stick to a 'mostly' vegetarian diet - my aunt thought that one up and I like it! You're 
mindful and healthy by keeping it veggie 4 days a week!
40 - Eliminate fried foods from diet. Yep. The poutine's gotta go.
41 - Once I drink again, learn to drink without succumbing the urges of nicotine! Quit! Finally!
42 - Get down to ideal BMI and weight, which is 110-130 lbs according to 

To Do Career:
43 - Get a full-time job.
44 - Work up to a managerial position.
45 - Get a managerial gig in retail - learn how to run a store. Preferably somewhere cool!
46 - Take the last class and hustle! One last class, own it!
47 - Graduate university. Deadline: 2011
48 - Decide on a cause I am passionate about and volunteer once a week.
49 - Do yoga teacher training.
50 - Read up on how to manage finances, probably Smart Cookies.
51 - Take courses in Gemology - so I can scour through estate sales for great finds!

To Do Hobbies:
52 - Read one non- fiction a month.
53 - Read one fiction a month.
54 - Learn to knit & crochet... learn what the difference is! :)
55 - Learn to quilt and make one.
56 - Join or start a creativity circle.
57 - Join or start a book club.
58 - Join a choir. Or find a way to sing somewhat regularly.
59 - Watch the first 100 films from the Criterion Collection. You know momma likes her  movies!

Trips to take: (3 out of 5 seems feasible)
60 - Drive across Canada.
61 - England: Cycling trip around Peak District. Chatsworth. Music Festival.
62 - France: Paris, Versailles, Loire Valley.
63 - India: Volunteer for a month and travel for a month.
64 - Russia: St-Petersberg & Moscow.

For Moi:
65 - Schedule in alone time.
66 - Schedule in FUN TIME! Games nights, skype dates with friends, movie nights!
67 - Keep TV watching to a minimum. Max 1 hour a day. Might have to find some red string to  wrap about my pinky to remember!
68 - Journal about accomplishments! Take note of progress and revel in it!
69 - Blog about it. I need to bask in the glory of these accomplishments to shift the self- loathing monologue.
70 - Distance myself from those toxic relationships. They're toxic. Period.

For Others:
71 - Call mum every sunday night. Make. It. Law.
72 - Email dad every sunday night. Law. As. Well.
73 - Keep in touch with family, even if it's only in a group email.
74 - Say 'Thank You' more often. In any form. Post-it. Email. Txt. Card. It's always welcomed!
75 - Go out of way to do a good deed.
76 - Breathe and be patient.
77 - Celebrate my friends. Just because they are great.
78 - Get better at writing and sending letters. The sending is what's tricky for me.
79 - Send proper care packages to the people I love on their birthdays.

To Do Reading List:
To assist with the 101 major lifestyle changes...

80 - Bob Green's The Best Life Diet
81 - Dr. Mehmet Oz's You: The Manual
82 - Dr. Mehmet Oz's You: On a Diet
83 - Charmain Yabsley's Cleanse Purify Energize

84 - Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now
85 - Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth
86 - Kimberly Wilson's Hip Tranquil Chick
88- Judith Lasater's Living Your Yoga

91 - Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio's The Girl's Guide to Big Bold Moves For Career Success

General it's-been-on-my-bookshelf-for-too-long list:
93 - Read the Jane Austens I haven't read yet... and all Brontës I haven't read yet.
94 - Finish reading Anna Karenina. Jesus! It's taken me forever!
95 - Reread Le Petit Prince. In French!
96 - Ayn Rand's Fountainhead
97 - George Orwell's 1984
98 - Read all of Anaïs Nin's Diaries.
99 - Finish reading all of Martin Amis' books.
100 - Reread Catcher in the Rye.
101 - Read all the books on the Cambridge Pre-College Reading list, found here. (All 45 of them!)
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