Vogue Italia: Curvy

I'm back from a blogging holiday - sorry! I'm back with a ton of inspiration though! Like this:

Italian Vogue! Of all places. Kind of old news but fantastic none the less. Italy is giving an editorial shout-out to women with curves. I love it, being... well-upholstered myself. There is so much SEX and Italian all over these photos so, in other words, NSFW!

Now we just need for The Wintour at Vogue U.S.A. to catch on, and we're gold. Also, they, Italian Vogue, have a blog, available in English, that is entirely dedicated to fashion for buxom/curvaceous women. I'm already obsessed. See here.

And, remember V Magazine did something similar

Credits: Belle Vere photographed by Steven Miesel for Vogue Italia, June 2011.


  1. Hello Alice,

    I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day weekend! Also, just wondering how your project went — I recall that you were going to paint a piece in your home orange. Such a cheerful color :)

    xx, Sarah

  2. i love this vogue issue. full of inspiration and beauty!

  3. Hi! I have just discovered your blog and I love it. I think this post is great, good on Italian Vogue for showing a fully figured woman in all her glory!!


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