Style is Ageless

It seems I'm loving the under-appreciated this week. Refinery 29 did a wonderful slideshow of fiercely stylish women in their seventies. I can only hope I keep it real as much as these broads. I can't get over how beautiful this is to me.

Also, Joyce (above), offered her opinion on aging and style.

"To age is a privilege and style is about the right jewelry, the right know-how, the right neckline, and above all, the right attitude."

Sweet. And, I urge you to check out the photographer, Ari Cohen's blog called Advanced Style, a blog dedicated to stylish 'older folks'. It's very impressive.

All credits go to: Photographer Ari Cohen of Advanced Style via Refinery 29


  1. hehe love these fabulous ladies!!!! xoxo Haleigh @ Making Magique

  2. ahhh gorgeous!! I love ladies who embrace their age and express their personal style. Great post!!


  3. God I hope i look as stylish when I get older!

  4. these ladies are just adorable! i hope i will rock the street as much as they do when i get older...

  5. gorgeous! I can only hope to look just as fabulous when I come to a certain age ;)


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