Festival: Glastonbury

That's right. It's happening right now and how I longed to go for eons but the timing never seems right. Does it not look like a blast?

The lineup this year is really impressive. Old favorites such as Paul Simon (Paul Simon!) and Morrissey to newer favorites like Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Noah and the Whale along with BEYSUS (Beyoncé) and THE WU (tang clan). I mean the list goes on and on... See here if you feel like hurting youself, for the lineup.

Can you imagine frolicking in the mud (wearing something like this) with some pals listening to the music as though you can feel it with with every fiber of your being - like this song was written for you and only you and it's just all about the music. You know what I mean? Sorry if that's cheesy.

Oh and to stay in a Tipi! Oh, heavens!

Now for some really spectacular weekend links, honestly I think these are especially super.

I feel like emulating this Nicki Minaj illustration this weekend - it is fantastic!

This girl is so funny and smart and her blog and choice of links are great.

Sean Connery's keyboard.

Let's get wasted - Confetti Martini!


For all you dreamers that want an old VW camper - via Always Something.

Jim Halpert is mine, who's your TV boyfriend?

These nails are my dream.

Have a great weekend y'all! Here's a tune to kick it off:

Images: via Marie Claire UK


  1. Glastonbury looks like it would be so amazing! That photo is adorable!


  2. AH! Glastonbury does sound fantabulous! Hope you had an amazing weekend <3

  3. visiting a festival is always a fun thing. and i love how happy these people look...


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