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This week I felt very single, or what one might call lonely. I really was yearning for some romance. I looked back on past relationships and remembered sweet moments shared with lovers... hearing whispered whimsical compliments in my ear, being taught naughty words in a foreign language, hand holding under tables, a long languorous tête-à-tête and love letters. I can't wait to write a love letter again or to be on the receiving end of one. In the meantime, these sentimental glimpses of hindsight will have to do.

Four things and completely grateful for:

My friend Ryan who's coming to visit me for my birthday.
My therapist. Gotta say. He gave me a good beating this week (not actually!) - drew a clear line between delusion and reality. Always needed!
My Sunday morning breakfasts. Pancakes. I like routine. This is one of mine. (See below.)
I'm thankful for routine. I honestly believe it's comforting and helpful in realizing ones potential.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Here are some links.

A crown of blossoms and a how-to.

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes! I think I'll try them out for an upcoming birthday.

I wish I were one of those people that really cared about my nails. This might make me change my mind.

This woman is my idol. So cool!

Doesn't this look like a nice teaser to a good girl's night out?

How much do you want to hang out in this?

Maybe I have the sense of humour of a five year old but this made me crack up.

Movies totally f-cked me up this way.

Sweet gentle reminders.

This post is bound to cheer anyone up.

Also, are you going out to watch HP7B? (Harry Potter?) What are you up to this weekend?

Images: Vierra Photographics via Style Me Pretty, unknown via this is glamorous, Moi, Six Fourteen Photography via Style Me Pretty.


  1. haha, i want to write love letters on that pink typewriter too! ;)

  2. I'm thankful for routine as well. And your pancakes look fantastic!!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday : )


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