Fancy! Paperware

These, I would reuse or not even use at all, just let them hang out and be pretty, but I'm pretty sure that would be wasteful (wouldn't it be?), and that's what the artist, Rebecca Wilson, of these fine 'ceramics' is trying emphasize. 

We consume, but waste more. It's a cultural thing, but why

Let's not. I wash and reuse my Ziploc bags. I also occasionally wash out the bags bread come in so that when at the grocery, and asked if I want my meat double bagged, I have my spare bread bags. Am I crazy? I also drive a car more than I use the bus or walk, so I kind of suck in that respect. I'm working on it though!

What do you reuse?

Credits via Honestly... WTF


  1. Love love love this idea!! Soooo cool

  2. starbucks should change its cups!!! great work...

  3. Brilliant idea! I'll have to hunt these little marvels down.


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