one two three four {Oh, No!}

Summer's lease hath all too short a date.
~ William Shakespeare

Happy Friday! I have some unfortunate news. The people I have been borrowing internet from (I know, shame on me.), have just cut me off, or wireless connection that is. So I will be going on a little blogging vacation and will post when I can. I consider this a blessing in disguise - I'll get out of the house and enjoy summer! I will miss you and your blogs very much and will be back to normal come fall. Some links for now:

Some silliness - Where's Waldo?

I want to hang out here.

Model Citizen.

She has such creative ideas... like homemade vines.

Sometimes I feel like a weirdo because I wear my hair like this almost everyday... but it's actually more like this.

What a babe!

Funny and true.

I once did this for Hallowe'en as Amy Winehouse. It was pretty fantastic. Perhaps again, for my birthday comin' up?

Yes, I want this.

But I want this more!!!

Also, these paintings are so calming and lovely.

Lastly, and most importantly, please help those in Somalia.

Images: Photographed by an Umbrian photographer, images found in my grandmothers attic, that about as much of a source that I can give ya, sorry!


  1. i will miss your posts but please don´t hesitate to enjoy summer- i bet it will be beautiful! ;)


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