Destination: Cemetery

I was stunned when I first saw these photos. I couldn't get over the emotion in these sculptures. The yearning, the sorrow and the hope in the statues' expressions is awe-inspiring. 

Also, I want to kick myself for not having gone to this monumental place, the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa, Italy. I lived in Italy for two years and I completely took my geographical location for granted. Sure, I went to the Vatican more times than I could count (partly for work, partly just being a good hostess), but seeing as I have no religious inclination and I am if anything a little skeptical of what goes on in there, I could never really understand the draw.

... and l'arte  del rinascimento. Gosh, I cringe when I think of how I would often conclude that it all looks the same! I only hope I'll go back again and visit all the places I overlooked! (Like here, pocketbook permitting!) 

Images via Amusing Planet

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