Next Stop: Amalfi Coast

Let's go to Positano, Italy, shall we? Villa Tre Ville, orginally decorated in the 1970's by Renzo Mongiardino, has just recently been restored by Roman architect Fausta Gaetani. This lovely 15 room hotel is run much like a home: no bellboys, no minibar yet a pitcher of sweet lemonade from the villa's lemon orchard, stacks of first editions and fresh flowers are found in every room.

What I would do to luxuriate in the glory of the view from that lounger, basking in the hot sun with the light Mediterranean breeze. 

Image Credits: Sally Gall for Architectural Digest


  1. Hi there! Just stumbled on your blog and LOVE it. Positano is one of my favorite places on earth...I went two years ago and have been dreaming of the next time I can go ever since. That hotel looks wonderfully luxurious!

  2. i need some time off! just me, sitting in the sun with lemonade and enjoying the view...


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