... and what a lovely long weekend it was II

So I went home this weekend. It was hard and exhausting mostly because going home to family, to me, means no rest and lots of distress... but it was nice to go to my old stomping grounds, eat my favorite foods and getting all caught up.

After 15 hours in transit I finally got into bed at 3:00 AM.

Did some personal admin I had to attend to and then indulged in an artery clogging lunch with my Dad and his girlfriend of a BLT and a poutine.

Then I went to visit my mother who just sold her house, a house I will really miss.

Which is a house with a gorgeous hearth...

... and an enormous wrought iron chandelier, made by a family friend.

... where I shared some precious moments with nieces and other kin.

Then I went to share some more precious moments with another niece at a family tradition: lobster dinner!

... or more appropriately called: my sister's birthday.

... which involved some slaving!

... and finally lots of nibbling.

Fit in some babysitting and some dress-up.

Then a long and exhausting journey home, with the necessary ferry ride.

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  1. oh my god! i love poutine!!



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