... and what a lovely long weekend it was.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! Well, it was yesterday, kind of, so it would be a belated wish at that.

Here in Canada we get a statutory holiday to celebrate our current head of monarchy's birthday... and it's always called Victoria Day, after Queen Victoria. I believe that in other parts of Commonwealth it's called Empire Day and is rarely observed. Victoria day has been celebrated on several different days as the reigning monarchs have decided to change it to their respective birthdays. Now it always falls on the closest Monday to May 24, which is Queen Victoria's birthday. Also, it only became a statutory holiday because some 5,000 people took the day off in Toronto to celebrate her 35th back in 1854. So even though QEII's birthday falls on April 21st, it's celebrated around May 24th.

Interesting tidbit, eh? (I'm such a Canadian.)

I'll be posting on my long weekend at home in Montreal later today.

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  1. I love your blog! This is a great post! I posted pictures from May 2-4 fireworks and later realized that its only a holiday in Canada, very smart of you to explain it. So great to follow a fellow Canadian :) Hope you had a great long weekend!


  2. Hmm, I don't even think we get the day off (in the UK, that is). At least I don't remember getting a day off, unless it's a special one (50th, 75th etc). Hope you enjoyed your weekend, we've got one this weekend and I'm off to the seaside!

    Oh, Such a Primadonna


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