so. much. pretty.

So, thanks to a very cute blog called Out of the Notebook and Into the Blog, I just discovered to the new clip I'll be listening to/watching all week. Last week it was this, and now Alix from Cherry Blossom Girl is monopolizing this week's pretty.

I so wish we had Etam in Canada. These undergarments are so feminine and soft and playful, true to Alix.

Credits: Image: from Alix @ Cherry Blossom Girl, Theme I and Theme II. Clip: The Cherry Blossom Girl pour Etam, a Romain Quirot & Pim Mory / Sleepless Production, via Out of the Notebook and Into the Blog


  1. Oh the things I would do to be her.
    Her beauty is so natural and enchanting.
    She also lives in the most beautiful place, surrounded by stunning cloth and friends.

    nice selection my gem (:

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  2. Thanks for linking! :) I really wish that I could buy some of her stuff in the States!

  3. i love the cherry blossom girl.))
    and love your blog.) ♥

  4. Oooh..dreamy! The clip reminds me a bit of "The Virgin Suicides." Very lovely indeed ;)

  5. I adore this collection and was so excited to see the video -- so so pretty :)

    Thank you also for the kind words on my blog. I hope you have a wonderful Easter*

  6. SO beautiful! I adore your blog and I'm proud to now be your 55th follower! Hope you'll check out my blog and consider following me too :)
    xoxo Lauren

  7. oh wow - I'm totally in love with this!

  8. Alix is such a natural beauty...Love how dreamily her style affects her entire blog...right down to the graphic detailing! Great shots, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. she's perfect for this campaign, isn't she. i was so glad to watch the video and find her universe well represented. Etam really respected what makes her world.


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