1950's Restored in Oulu, Finland

I'm flipping out. Why are those cabinets so perfect? Because an illustrator painted them. Illustrators are the best. Can you believe this is their makeshift kitchen? I really hope they keep those cupboards. Honestly, I feel like these cabinets have been missing from my life, now that I know they exist. This is everything I want my home to be: filled with colour, subtle prints and patterns, old and mod and all the while instilling a sense of calm, along with some playfulness. Sigh. I love houses... I also love Finland.

See the rest of the house tour here on Design*Sponge's post about it.

PS. I had a great long weekend... Things in my life are going pretty well. Hallelujah! How was yours?

Image credits: Jutta Rikola via Design*Sponge


  1. Oh lordy this home is gorgeous. The kitchen is just so upbeat and happy.

    I had a wonderful weekend and ate so much delicious chocolate. Glad to hear your life is going well, too. Hope the rest of your week is equally beautiful!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! I'm moving in a week so I'm constantly searching for some decoration inspiration :) xoxo Marissa


  3. Beautiful beautiful selection. The third picture is adorable - the flowers are a wonderful detail.
    Well done girlll

    ps happy for you that things are going great ;)


  4. wow this house is amazing! i love the cute print on the cabinets. such a great idea :)

    i love your blog. i am a new follower x

  5. this is such a beautiful space. i want to live in a place like this that just oozes whimsy and class. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  6. looove the collection of pictures in the last photo!
    I'm a new follower :) love your blog. feel free to check out mine too.



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