one two three four {winter solstice sunset in helsinki}

A couple of years ago I went to visit a dear friend in Finland and got to experience the winter solstice in the most northern city I've ever had to opportunity to visit. It was the shortest day of my life, so far: 5h 48m.  Sunrise:  9:24  AM  -  Sunset:   3:13  PM. These pictures were taken between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. Nuts, no? But beautiful city, yes. I so so so want to go back... Although I think next time I'll go in the summer to discover some of Finland's beautiful lakes.

Amazing! Up, the movie, but in reality.

It was International Women's Day, and now this. Walmart, sexist? Target, homophobic?

Sweet house and amazing outdoor nooks.

Chloe Sevigny's dresses are really pretty... just in time for spring! Would like one with this bag...

I feel like I always overlook St-Patrick's Day, but I think these have to be made this year!

My thoughts are with those in Japan...


  1. what cool photos!!! love them! :)

  2. Finland looks like a cool place to day.



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