Mundane Monday

Ugh! On my way to the gym and started off the day with a protein packed smoothie. Yesterday was the busiest day yet working at Twisty. My back is sore and the muscles in my legs feel tight and inflexible, but I'm going to the gym. Which, let's be honest here is a bit of a pain because well, it kinda sucks, but at the same time, hallelujah for all the hotties! Good motivation to push harder. Yes, it's kinda frustrating because my 'extra curvy bits' aka rolls are overflowing out of my pants and any insecurities associated to my appearance reach an all-time high as my face blushes to scarlet and I'm pretty sure everyone's eyeing my psoriasis on my forearms... sexy, right? But ya, the guy to the right of me can barely walk due to his weight and yet he keeps trucking on that treadmill and it's clear the guy to the left of me forgot his deoderant, and you know what? It's not like your shit don't stank! Maybe you got the herp, or halitosis, none of us are perfect. So any physical shortcomings I may have are not keeping me from that gym at the moment. So, success! Am finally making progress on the 101!

Here's a lovely photoblog, Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone, and it really made me happy on my mundane Monday.

1 comment:

  1. I can see why you were happy!!!

    A book lover all you want BEFORE you have kids because then the only thing you find yourself reading is the very hungry catapillar :) Hope you have a good book right now!!!


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