Me in Trees

Well, not actually, although that is how it would sound if one of my French Canadian relatives would say it. To us anglos it's three. Me in Threes.

I came across 'Me in Threes' on a lovely little blog called Under Lock and Key. Here is my slightly different version of hers.

1. 3 Names:
Poo - don't ask. It's not that interesting.

2. 3 jobs I've had:
Cleaning toilets at a hostel in Amsterdam
Tour Guide
Babysitting. I realize that's 4 but I just had to point our that in every job I feel like there's an element of babysitting.

3. 3 places I've lived (outside Canada):

4. 3 places I'm dying to visit:

5. 3 fave old discontinued TV shows:
The original GG - Gilmore Girls
Never Mind The Buzzcocks - in the era of Simon Amstell. Not discontinued, just not as solid. See here for possibly my favorite episode.

6. 3 people I miss:
Amma - my grandmother.
Selina - my ceaselessly supportive friend.
Mari - my ceaselessly supportive friend across the pond.

7. 3 Desert Island picks:
Anna Karenina - so that I might actually finish it.
A knife - let's be practical here.
A really attractive man...... What!

8. Which brings me to, 3 delectable men on my Freebie Five:
Jon Hamm - this man is SEX and YES in very pretty wrapping you just want to rip off.
Robert Pattinson - to each his own, a'ight?
Prince Harry - don't lie, you totally would be stoked for a royal dalliance!

9. 3 dream guests to my fantasy dinner party (aside from loved ones of course):
Drew Barrymore - to get the party started.
Simon Amstell - again, see here.
Robert Pattinson - to tuck me in. ;)

10. 3 Things I'm obessed with right now.
Janet Hill - an artist whose work makes me feel homey at a mere glance. (Above.)
The romance between Bryson and Liz on My Life as Liz!
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls - this woman's life makes yours feel less crazy.

11. Last but not least, 3 things I'm thankful for today:
My job.
My friends.
My family.

What are you in trees? Goodnight.


  1. Hey so glad you did this tag! I love how you added the 3 people you miss and the desert island bit...

  2. Thanks for the marvelous idea... and the super inspiring blog!

  3. Great blog! I am so glad you stopped by mine and now I can follow yours!



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