Dreamy & Sophisticated Brownstone in Brooklyn

Did you know Jamie Beck does home tours? This one is actually my favorite.

I need contact these people and see how a home-exchange holiday or something. 
(What are those called again?)

Credits: All images taken by Jamie Beck via From Me To You


  1. oh i love jamie beck´s photography but who doesn´t?!
    anyway i went out and watched melancholia this weekend. well what should i say? i liked the way it was filmed but i didn´t enjoy the story line that much...

  2. I wish I knew how she gets the same gorgeous vibrant tone in all of her photographs. It's almost as if the objects in her shots are floating in their own realm...hovering in some sort of otherworldly light. So freaking amazing.

  3. Gorgeous home! I love all the little details - the woodgrain, the alcoves, everything. Love it!

  4. really beautiful. makes me wish i took an interior decorating class, or have that natural skill. thanks for sharing, so inspired!

  5. What a great house, wish my house looked like this!


  6. I love this post! I recently put a chandelier like that one in my apartment and it completely changed the vibe! Love!


  7. Jamie is so talented on so many levels, isn't she? She is as stylish and lovely as what she captures... this place included. The rich tones are so inviting and beautiful :)


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