Off Exploring!

Firstly, thank you for the kind birthday wishes. It was a grand celebration involving lots of pampering and lobster. I'll have photos uploaded soon but for now I'm off gallivanting about with a friend who has travelled very far to visit me. So, I will give him the due attention and my blogging presence shall be limited for the next week. 

Also, please help those in the Horn of Africa. The UN says that tens of thousands have already died and currently ten million are on the verge of starvation. It is being virtually ignored by the American media. BBC is covering it but it is still largely being overlooked.
Click here to find out more.
Click here to donate. Anything will be helpful.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer.

Gorgeous photo of Scotland via Ninbra

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  1. Happy Birthday : ) Have a wonderful time gallivanting with your friend.

    ps: about the iphoto thing... it still works on older versions, but it's much easier on the newest version of iphoto... you might try upgrading to iphoto11. Then I could walk you through it.


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