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Happy Summer Solstice y'all!

I love Martha. She sets the standard when it comes to home-keeping (right?) but I find she sets the bar so high! Have you seen her checklists? Those lists have unearthed some serious OCD in me. This magazine, however, offers all of Martha Stewart's pretty with a lot of wholesome and fairly realistic for someone who has a job that is not home-keeping and does not have unlimited means. Above all, I find it pretty soulful.

An example would be their 10 Tenets of Whole Living.

1 - Happiness is a choice. Make that choice today and every day.

2 - Good health isn't a gift. It's a habit you cultivate.

3 - A healthy, fit body is not enough - true fitness engages the spirit.

4 - Think more about what you should eat than what you shouldn't.

5 - Laugh at yourself. You're funny!

6 - Nurture your spirit, it's your source of strength.

7 - Stay connected to the natural world. It will feed your soul.

8 - Believe in yourself. Your intuition is rarely wrong.

9 - It's never too late the take the first step towards your aspirations.

10 - What you pay attention to will thrive.

I love that last one - so true! Those are great little principles, no? Do you have any of your own?

It's really a great resource on reducing stress as well as how to find balance, something I think one never get enough of. 

Hope you have a relaxing and soulful summer!

Credits: Image via from WholeLiving.com; 10 Tenents from WholeLiving.com; Image via WholeLiving.com

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  1. That is one hell of a great list! I'm going to print that one and read it every day. Brilliant x


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