Monowi - Population: 1

I wonder if this lady is nice. Maybe I'll go visit her one day. Elise (77) is the sole inhabitant of a wee town in Nebraska. Can you imagine? I mean, I love me some solitude, but to be alone in a ghost town, eerie!

Monowi's population peaked in the 1930's with 130 people! It's now gone down to one. Elise is the mayor, grants her own liquor license, runs the sole business, a tavern, and lives in the only inhabitable house.

It kind of saddens me, this depopulation of the countryside. I feel like it only contributes to a descent in the quality of life.  Cities are where the opportunities are and more and more people are forced to relocate and fight for jobs, for time, for individuality... Busy, busy, busy! Maybe that's just my biased, inner country bumpkin talking but it just can't be good for the soul, no?

Do you crave solitude? Enough to live in your own Monowi?

Credits: Flickr user Overduebook via Amusing Planet.


  1. oh my. this brings up so many issues for discussion. thanks for posting this.

  2. This is incredible! I'm from a small town in Kentucky myself, then I ended up in NYC, and now I'm settled in Nashville. It's definitely thought provoking! Great blog.

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