if you only read one, read number six...

{one} what profession have you always admired?
Well I admired the people whose work involves menial labour or jobs that are labour intensive: Farmers, cleaning staff, chefs... and basically any job that most immigrants do when they come to this country because we refuse to do it. 
As for a position that I've always admired or aspired to: Fashion Designer. So not only does it require mad artistic talent and skill but it takes balls to do it. To constantly face criticism and to be surrounded by superficial, disingenuous dickwads... Usually they're also intelligent (fashion has to have a narrative!) and always have an unrivaled passion for their craft. That is very admirable I think. Also, a University Professor is so much amazingness. No much how much I read, I feel like their aptitude is just beyond me. I mean to get a PHD. History Professors always amaze me. Also, Doctors: was never good at science.

{two} what would the title of your memoir/biography be if it was written today?
In the mood I'm in: Shit out of Luck.

{three} how far do you commute to work?
35 minutes door to door. 

{four} are your earlobes attached or detached?
Detached. What a weird question.

{five} do you eat the unpopped kernels of popcorn at the bottom of the bag?

{six} what is the strangest gift you’ve ever received?
This almost deserves its own blog post. Okay so, when I was going through a wee bit of a Robert Pattinson obsession (Cringe! Read: not a Twilight obsession, just Robert Pattinson)... I was living in a house at uni with 6 other people, more if you count gfs/bfs, where birthdays were a big deal. I'd never actually had a big-deal birthday before then. A cake was baked, my favorite cocktail was served in a punch bowl, and the most strange/greatest surprise: I was asked to sit down in the kitchen with my eyes closed... I was waiting for a cake or something... but then a group of 8 of my friends came out with Robert Pattinson heads and sang me Happy Birthday! One of my roommates had gone to the crazy effort and made these cutouts of his face and all I could see was 8 RP heads bobbing away at me. I fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard (I was tipsy). Then, they gave me a calendar where they photoshopped me into every picture with him: Us out for dinner, us out at the club, us celebrating New Year's Eve, Hallowe'en, etc. It was so thoughtful! I'd never had anyone go to so much effort and was so touched. Oh and I'd only known them for three months! It was a summer sublet. I'll always remember that as the greatest celebration in my honour, ever.

{seven} what is one tv show that you wish hadn’t been cancelled?
Friday Night Lights. Best show maybe ever!

{eight} what is something that you are saving money for right now?

{nine} what hobby would you like to take up?
There is SO MUCH: Horseback riding, sailing, painting, photography, choir, knitting, quilting, crocheting, dance and a book club.

{ten} how many times a year do you get really dressed up?
Never. Do weddings count? If so, then maybe once a year.


Image Credits: unknown via weheartit, Me


  1. Haha I absolutely love the Robert Pattinson mask! I went to a Robert-period too...

    I hope you still have those amazing friends!

  2. ha ha that RP story is too funny! My little cousins are obsessed with him and at Christmas they received a life-sized cut-out of him.... needless to say RP was in all our family photos this year!

  3. I don't think I'll ever get out of my Rob phase. That calendar sounds equal parts amazing and hilarious!

  4. Really cool blog. I love the Q&A type of post.

  5. The Robert Pattinson story is hilarious! Definitely a cool group of friends!

    Stop by my blog sme time at http://stylelustpages.com!


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