What are you doing

for Japan?
 Notes to the victims and the missing.

I've been feeling helpless about the catastrophes in Japan. The earthquake. Then the tsunami. Followed by explosions. I am so saddened at the immense and arduous uphill battle the country will endure with just the lingering and detrimental effects of radiation alone. I donated, but I want to do more and found other ways to take part worth sharing.

Firstly, donate here:
Soles 4 Souls donates shoes to those affected by natural disasters, like Japan. Do you really need those old sneaks?

Drop off a load of stuff you don't need at the Salvation Army, shop there or even donate your miles to help people get to safer grounds.

Stores such as Uniqlo, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers and all the stores belonging to Fast Retailing Group have started actively donating clothes to keep the Japanese warm for the rest of their winter, specifically in areas where heat and electricity are sparce. They've also promised to donate over the equivalent of 17 million US $.

Mother attempting to console her daughter in a cold homeless shelter.

If you do just one thing: donate to Shelter Box, who send boxes of tents, blankets, water purification kit, tools and other vitals.

Then take a moment of silence.

I will. See you on Monday.

 Image credits: Truth Leem for Reuters, Paula Bronstein from Getty Images, both via The Atlantic


  1. Do you mind if I re-post part of this? Of course I'll include a link to your site. Thank you so much for the suggestions - I've been wondering how I can help.
    xoxo Lauren

  2. Not at all, Lauren! Get the word out.

  3. this is such a great post for a great cause - ill be joining the day of silence

    stop by sometime<3

  4. Such an awesome idea! I completely agree... I had to repost yesterday. I was starting to stress out about all these crazy complications in our homebuying process. I felt SO GUILTY. The extent of this disaster really puts things in perspective. Quick. I definitely made sure to donate and pray, and pray some more.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Alice!

    That Girl in Pearls

  5. wow,looks amazing!

    love ur blog by the way!


  6. Amazing blog! ;) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  7. Hi - I work for the Canadian Red Cross. I just saw your blog now and wanted to thank you for helping to get the word out on how to help Japan. I hope you will connect with us - we're on Twitter @redcrosscanada or on facebook.com/canadianredcross.
    Thanks again - Karen


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