Temperly London F2011

For the romantic at heart, without a doubt. The lace, the floral details, the sheer. I'm a fan. These are some of the sweeter pieces. I realize it wasn't the best received this season, but I enjoy it. I thought there was a nice balance between the lacy ladylike softness and the darker, more wild black leather and red satin (shown here). It's not offensive. At all. I also want those tights. Badly.

Image credits: Marcus Tondo for GoRunway.com via style.com


  1. Love Temperly London! And great blog by the way! :o)



  2. I love this! I think the pieces are so bold with the use of such sultry fabric. Great share!

  3. I love the red pencil-style knee length dress with the shoulder detail and the black leather gloves... sexy without being too much while still being classy.

    Love it. Love your blog.

  4. ohh temperly :) love the black lace one!

  5. I very much enjoyed the concept of this collection. It does have a lot of lace, but it's pretty and every girl likes to feel pretty...at least every once in a while:) Love your blog!



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