Inspiring SXSW Street Steeze

Last week I was kind of distracted and really lazily posted whatever. I also forgot all about SXSW, an event I usually keep tabs on because I think so much cool stuff comes out of the festival. New music, new movies and new, fresh copiable looks. I'm full on tripping out over that pink blouse and the blue nails.
{sheer trimming}
{some feminine lacy shorts + a turban}
{I would literally wear this all summer if I had my hands on one}
{this light blouse with floral details with some chunky leather bands}

Verdict: I hope to wear a turban, a lot of sheer and lace, and lots and lots of blouses this summer.
Image Credits: All photos of Heidi Jewell for


  1. love the 2nd pic but there all amaze xx

  2. I love the variety of styles you've fit into one post. Beautiful work.


  3. love the different styles, there's something so effortless about them all

  4. great & amazing :)))

    LOVE minnja

  5. I'd really like to try out the turban look, it always looks so beautiful on the girls I see rocking it!

  6. stylish images!


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