I have a problem...

The problem concerns my unwillingness to put a stop to the spending of hard earned money on bad romantic comedies...

...and they are bad, there's no two ways about it. Hollywood is failing miserably in this department yet they still keep making them. Why? Because of people like me, who keep going to the movies to see them... So feel free to be mad at me. Sorry. Either we have bad taste or sometimes a little dream where everything is contrived, over the top, drowning in clich├ęs and ultimately extremely unrealistic can temporarily be sweeter than reality - until the gag reflex kicks in. I like to think I belong to the latter. I mean I know it's not a good thing to have this dependence, but it has to be better than say, smoking, drinking, overeating and doing drugs, right?

These are some bound to be bad romantic comedies I've got a hankering to see.

Chalet Girl

Something Borrowed

Bad Teacher

Actually, Bad Teacher looks promising, no? Although perhaps not a romantic comedy...

{Image credit: Madonna pictured in the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan via}


  1. Oh, sometimes a bad romantic comedy is exactly what you need to put you in a good mood. In fact... I could use one right about now.

    Great post.


    November Grey

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  2. bah ha! Love the bad teacher trailor. Only my mum will go see the romantic comedies with me! It's become our little tradition, no matter how bad they are. :)


  3. I haven't seen any of these! I can't wait to put them on my netflix queue!

  4. I am with you on spending money on movies! There's no better way to escape than by seeing a fun movie!

  5. Bad Teacher looks awesome! I hope it doesn't disappoint.


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