Dolce & Gabbana F2011 {dancing queen}

Do these not make you want to dance? These certainly sparkle like a disco ball. It reminds me of MGMT and Bowie. Fun, no? 

Also, do you not find the last outfit so appropriate for Skins' Franky Fitzgerald? Sidenote: that shit owns my life. Watch it if you haven't already done so. I haven't seem the American one, maybe I'll get to it once the tiny little season of the UK version's done. Already feeling the withdrawal!!!

{Image credits: Yannis Vlamos for via}


  1. Great pictures.
    Nice blog:) I am following you now:D

  2. I'm only in it for the sparkles, baby haha

    Lela London - Fashion Blog

  3. oooh totally agree! need that sequin blazer and fur shoulder coat. great blog :) following xo


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