Okay, so not my usual kind of post. I came across this tumblr through Bust magazine (you know Bust, right?), and was amazed to see the variety of shapes, colours, and the actual realness. The tumblr is called The Women of Playboy and it features models of Playboy from the 60's to the 90's. There are virtually no breast implants and the women had pubic hair. They looked like women. Real, natural women. Like, there's actual fat, for lack of a better word, on these women and they are beautiful! It's such a difference from the images of women and girls today that are digitally modified on top of the usual considerable grooming and exhausting physical maintenance that we're being force fed by the media. 

Who knew boobs could be so refreshing? 

{Dolly Read Miss May 1966}

Image credits: Sorry no traceable sources beyond The Women of Playboy, except for, obviously, Playboy.


  1. You're right, absolutely stunning. We need to bring those days back. They remind me of old Victorian paintings.
    xoxo Lauren

  2. You're totally right... the women are gorgeous, totally different than the plastic we see nowadays!

  3. Such gorgeous women. The ones I adore most are the first and the last. So pretty


  4. These photos are beautiful without being trashy.

    You're right about the way models like these have changed over time, the real boobs that these women have - SO much better.


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