sometimes you just gotta cry

taken in my old bedroom
Today I woke up with a nasty task at hand. I had to write a long overdue letter to someone to sort out an issue. The issue is not resolvable, not anytime soon at least because this person is this person and will always be this person just I am myself and will always be just me, but it had to be addressed. The easiest thing to do would be to agree to disagree but when your feelings are hurt isn't that the hardest thing to do? So in the writing of this note the floodgates were opened and I started sobbing like a baby. I felt good, it was so cathartic, but I needed more only it wasn't coming. Do you feel me? I needed to cry this one all out till there was nothing left. So I started listening to depressing songs to nurse the pain but it just wasn't doing anything for me. Then I remembered something that never fails to bring tears to my eyes, flashmob videos. I know, what about it makes me weepy? I have no clue, but it felt good.

The one above is my favorite but here are some great ones:
Fox Tv's Glee advert in Rome
T-Mobile's Liverpool Street Dance
Oprah 24th Season Kick-Off Party Presented by T-Mobile
T-Mobile's Trafalgar Square Sing-along

I'm all cried out and the letter has been sent. What will happen will happen. Am I a total weirdo? What makes you cry?

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  1. I adore Flash Mobs - I thought for a moment about your quandry and wondered, beyond Sarah McLaughlin, what makes me cry. The Flash Mob did it! I couldn't believe it - just sitting here on a snow day in my cozy home and crying.

    I hope the letter went well.


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