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Howdy and happy Monday! I promised some before and after pictures of my new nook and I had to share it at a clean slate to really see the improvements. It's just been freshly painted and the blinds have been replaced as well. Let the virtual tour begin!

This is the entrance slash den. It's on the second floor of a century old building and the stairs are outside. I plan to put a reading chair in here and make it a bit of a hobby room. In summers I see myself sitting on the balcony enjoying an ice tea and breathing in the fresh ocean air. Did I mention that I'm a block away from the Pacific and can see it from my window(s)? This room has a skylight and has great potential.

The kitchen has a two element cooktop, a microwave and a countertop oven so there is a lot of unsightliness but I like a good challenge. Eating will take place in here and it thus requires a table, some  chairs and a TON of adorning. The sunlight that shines into this room in the mornings really give you a boost and the windows look out onto the street and beyond the houses and backyards across that street is a little inlet and a mountain. It's really picturesque.

This is the biggest room: the boudoir. It doesn't actually have a door but since I live alone it doesn't really matter. It's the biggest room and so it will naturally be my everything room, with bookshelves, possibly a  desk and since it's such a nice large space I went all out and got a queen bed. I 'spose I'm growin' up! It just feels right - aside from the fact that the bed is a costly investment, what with the mattress, box spring and bed frame, dishing out another hundred bucks for more roll-over room, for possibly the next decade,  (how long do mattresses last?) isn't much of an imposition. This room also has a sizable closet with its own window.

Not shown here is the bathroom which is really calming { this make me so happy }, painted a soothing periwinkle blue with a freshly re-enameled claw foot tub and an old character pedestal sink. It has a window and a skylight so it's nice and bright. It's the perfect place to take long languorous baths.

Isn't it cute?

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