one two three four

My new little romantic and some delighting freesias.

My beloved water glass.

A new (old) tea tin and tea bag dish.

A grand chandelier in Aix.

1. 50 Classics for your closet. Not sure I measure up quite yet.
2. The bicycle shop. I love the Princess Sovereign.
3. My next road trip. (I can't get enough of this blog!)
4. Even though it's been ubiquitous on blogs this week, I thought I should add a link to the new Matchbook Magazine. {Am very happy about this.}

Have a good weekend!
Also, yay for Tunisia (and possibly Egypt)! and boooo Berlusconi... the pervert.


  1. Great post! That chandelier is gorgeous!

  2. Love all the items! That chandelier is perfect and I love the tea tin!

    Xo Chelle

  3. Nice tea tins. A friend of mine collects them from all over the world and has like hundreds of them and displays them in this massive old armoire that she took the doors off of and put shelves in..its really something! Will check out the blogs you like.....always fun to discover a new one. I am so glad you stopped by, thanks for your very kind comments. Come back...will do the same!

  4. Love that portrait in the first photo!

  5. yum. those heart candy things look really yummy:) im craving for some skittles.

  6. I too love a big mason jar drinking glass! Lovely photos!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  7. Thanks for the link! That really is the dream road trip. Nice to find you! x


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