a mood-picker-upper

... definitely what this is. I have a very very limited knowledge (two different links there) of anything to do with men's fashion and within its superficial universe I generally find that ninety-nine percent of male models are androgynously unattractive and just overlook anything to do with it. (It's not like a wear men's clothing.) So when I came across this clip over at Jak & Jil I was expecting a lot of little boys in underwear. What a surprise! It's basically just a bunch of guys having a lot of fun. It was a refreshing reminder that these guys who are dressed like dolls all the time are basically goofy, insecure, human kids. Not sure that was the point, if there even was one, but I'm glad all the same to have received it.


  1. THis is so awesome!! I love it! They're all so fun and funny and gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for the link! That really is the dream road trip. Nice to find you x


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