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This movie was spectacular. The Young Victoria. Devine.

Québec's own Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y.) directed. Yay!
Hagen Bogdanski illuminated the screen with brilliant cinematography. Really quirky style. Can't wait to see his next project, Guy de Montpassant's Bel Ami starring Boyfriend. But, t'inquietes pas, I haven't set my hopes high since the production company 19 Entertainment's greatest achievement to date is From Justin to Kelly and TV documentaries on Posh and Becks. Clearly a company established by quality film-making and not at all by profiting on mass teen quiveration. Sigh. Good taste is indeed dead. I'll see it anyway. At least it will have a great aesthetic.

Fergie, not the B.E.P.'s Fergie, but the former Duchess of York? Yeah, that one, produced. You know if she puts her money into it, it's going to be high-classy! and it was. It was superior!
Emily Blunt. Rupert Friend. These people are actors, not people with big dreams trying to compensate for lack of talent by dreaming even bigger. i.e. Boyfriend and the Disney posse.

Costume design. Well, it was Victorian, which isn't my favorite, sartorially, but it was tru-u-ue to the times. True to HRH. You know that was mad steez for the time. The suffocating corsets, the crazily full conical skirts, puffy-to-excess sleeves, the ruffles, the braids, the elaborate curls, the curls strategically falling out of braids, the ribbons, the mad bling, the fans, the bonnets, the glitz, the glamour. Please. This was the Anna Wintour of the era. No bodices for this queen... and it was bang on.

Last but not least. The love story. In my humblest of opinions, EPIC. Slightly feminist even. First of all, for those that know little of this pair, their love story was a tale ahead of its time. She was basically raised in isolation and led a very limited life until she ascended the throne. She found a mate that would support her and not manipulate her. He was very proud to have her as a wife. He would get frustrated when she would not believe in herself. Isn't that what we all should aspire to have? Good message without even trying. Just a good story.

Trust. See it.

pics from imdb

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