Drive is an absolutely amazing movie.
Ryan Gosling is absolutely amazing in it.
The cinematography is absolutely amazing.

I highly recommend you see it as you as you can because I seriously believe it will enrich your life for at least an entire day. It is a quality flick.

If you want to see the trailer click here, but I don't think it does the film justice. They're selling it for a Faster and Furiouser crowd and that's a little misleading. It's actually dark and romantic.

Also, the Pop soundtrack was perfect for the vibe of the movie and I was surprisingly pleased!
(Spoken from someone who doesn't like most modern music.)

Here are my favorite tunes:

Also, a nice little touch in the film is that you never find out what the lead's name is.
I feel like Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn are creatively a match made in heaven and this is their love child.
Watch it! 
Okay, that's enough. You get it. 

Sigh. The love is strong.


  1. that movie looks so good!


  2. thank you for the recommendation. i really like the songs and the images are very promising...and i totally agree that sometimes a film can change the mood...


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