Georgetown in Seattle, WA

Go! If you ever get the chance. 

It is a bizarre yet cool corner of the world. A trailer park is an outdoor market slash mall and people live in actual containers, like for semi trucks. Find Airport Way and you're there. That's right, it's next to an airport, and amid junkyards, abandoned industrial structures. As my friend Ryan (above) put it, "This is the grungiest I've ever seen yuppies comfortable with." Very true. We were reffered to this area by a hipster working at Urban Outfitters and ended up spending over 100 buckeroos at a pizza joint, without any alcohol included. 

How is it possible? Well, it's possible in Georgetown.


  1. Looks like fun. Happy weekend wishes from Norway :)

  2. so beautiful...wanna go to that place in georgetown, have a nice chat with some drunken people, listen to some fun music and finally leave for my hotel room... ;)


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