one two three four

Four things I'm loving this week:

{My trinkets and baubles}
{Meredith German's The Coveteur}
{The contrast in colours of the candle and the card in Alix's room}
{The soft pink walls, exposed beams, chandelier and lace bed cover are perfect}

The nooks and corners pictured.

Stephen Fry and QI ... and his thoughts on profanity. (Fuck. Yes.)

This slideshow of hot British men - why not?

This notion: You can't grow without pushing your limits.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Credits: Me, Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur, via The Cherry Blossom Girl, via Deisgn*Sponge


  1. Loved the lessons!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love that the main color influence of blue and rose stays in each picture but creates also each time different shades. you have a good eye! ;)

  3. love the idea of clothes hanging from picture frames. inspired me! xx opinionslave


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