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{My Easter Sunday morning} 

 {Kale makes the yummiest chips!}

 {What a lovely ornamentation for a paved driveway.}

{The James Bay Tea Room gives me a weekly dose of Anglophilia}

Yesterday I went to an interview for a job that really would be a dream of a job for this stage in my life. I would learn a lot and the compensation is great and would meet a lot of interesting people. I've never wanted a job that's within my reach more in my life! I think that might have showed because I was a nervous wreck. I cringe when I think of the things I said and didn't say and for incessantly apologizing for my nerves (like every ten minutes). It was a nightmare on my end... I hope the interviewer didn't see it that way. I'll share the details of the job if I get it. So please, pray for me, cross your fingers, send me some positive energy, or whatever it is you could do... 

I'm saving my thoughts on the wedding for a Monday featurette. 

Now, for some weekend links:

Five things a French woman doesn't leave her house without.
This outfit is truly fantastic.
Never thought I'd see this on a Martha Stewart website.
Perfection in a dessert. It's possible, and this is it for me. Off to the store to get ingredients!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you did fine :) The pictures are all beautiful by the way xx

  2. Fingers crossed. Think positive!
    Nice blog,I've just discovered it.

  3. I'll keep you in my thoughts! I hope you get it!!
    xoxo Lauren


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