one two three four {my five}

Well, actually, my four. Okay, so this is a totally gratuitous post, but do you read ever read Lainey Gossip? She's my favorite gossip blogger. She can actually write and is really witty. Sometimes a little harsh but she makes me laugh daily (or every day I go on to her site, and she's Canadian, this makes me happy). Moving on, she has this thing called the Freebie Five. You know, the five that if, god-willing, you should ever get the chance, you get a 'hall pass' from your significant other. She makes it all about the dirty, who you'd want to spend a weekend in bed with but not necessarily need to speak to, I understand as Beckham is on hers. My qualifications vary. Here they are... Just because....

An excellent sense of humour is the sexiest! He's also smart. Graduated from Brown. If you aren't sold yet, watch the funniest outtakes clip of a TIME interview, here, and his visit on Kimmel, here, and a funny story of young John, here.

Also, he's trying to sell his house, can you imagine him romancing Emily Blunt here? Such a sweet house, love the little dining nook and the greenery outside.
I know, I'm totally in the bandwagon with millions of tweens, but let me make this clear: I think the Twilight franchise is cheap and sucks. Stephanie Meyer's prose is a joke and if you've ever read a book you'd agree with me. The movies make you want to laugh even though it's meant to be dramatic and suspenseful. And Renesme? Really?

Now. Back to the man. Or boy, I know some of you would argue he's just a boy, insecure and self-depracating. That's what I'm all over though. I absolutely abhor arrogance. Modesty. I'm all over it.
 Noah Mills. Model for D&G, Tiffany & Co, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. This clip is what did it for me. He was also in SATC2, but it didn't give me the quivers, nude backside and all.
John Hamm. Need I say more?

Hope you enjoyed the why-not post. Who's on your Freebie Five? 

Here are some weekend links:

A great way to spend Earth Hour. Gather up your posse and do throw a murder mystery!

Great DAY (Do Anything Yourself) post.

LOVE this dinning room.

Delicious-est looking doughnuts EVER!

Cute Office.

A gorgeous updo how-to! I just tried it out and it's time consuming but really pretty... kind of feel like I'll be hanging around in it all weekend.

Hope your weekend is relaxating and fulfilling. Til Monday!




  2. Funnily enough my man and I were discussing this the other day, but we had 3 freebies! I got to Bradley Cooper and Patrick Dempsey - still undecided about no.3!

  3. Love the "freebie five" idea. Thanks for sharing...I'll start thinking about my list :)


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