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Isn't she cute? That voice, soft and strong, I love it!

Eliza Doolittle is this up and coming British import, you might of heard of her. I don't listen to the radio or have cable so I live pretty disconnectedly from the hype machine, musically... except when it comes to these two websites. Black Cab Sessions and La Blogoth√®que are exceptionally cool. They have this thing called concert √† emporter which is a take-away show. These shows are brief (typically one song) and usually done on the run; in a car, on the sidewalk, in the metro/subway or even in your local high school! Bands like Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear and Peter Bjorn and John do a song in the back of a cab (Black Cab Sessions) or courageously perform out in the open with the public there to respond. Mostly people just walk on by, some will stop and cheer on but sometimes, specifically in Paris, pedestrians get frustrated for blocking the path (I find this really amusing). It's amazing seeing people's reactions as a group of people get on a bus with a ton of instruments and just start jamming away. These clips are also great because you get to see how good the musicians really are without the help of sound technicians.

If you didn't know about these websites, you're welcome. {They're the greatest!}

P.S. Eliza Doolittle does a sweet cover of Cee-Lo's F-ck You.


  1. Oh, I love her! The Black Cab Sessions is a brilliant website! Thanks for sharing. That's my day/night sorted! x

  2. Yeah great song :)

    And thank you so much for your comment!
    So kind!



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