NYFW Sampler

I'm don't really follow what goes on at Fashion Weeks but for some reason (the reason that it was cold outside) I spent a number of hours perusing its results. Here's a selection of favorites. Excuse the excessive choice of fur and outerwear, but like I said, it's cold ouside!

PETA, close your eyes! I'm always excited to see what the Olsen girls come up with come up with because I so love their steeze in real life. I think there is one exceptional thing worthy or pointing out here, the models are in flats that look like a variation of slippers. Hallelujah for comfortable fashion! What do you think of the look? I kind of love the blue jacket, for cuddling and coziness purposes. Hopefully the fur's all fake (doubt it - sigh).

I come across Jason Wu because of his collaborations with Tommy Ton from JAK & JIL (he just posted the loveliest of posts on Wu, so click!), and I am so in love with everything he does. He calls this collection 'baroque meets sportswear' after being inspired by a book on the 25 year restoration of Versailles by Robert Polidori. If this makes any sense, it's clean opulence. Watch Style.com's clip from behind the scenes. (Side note: this dress took 600 hrs to make.)

The Anna Sui show was really fun, for lack of a better word. Lots of colour, very bohomenian with a splash of V&A's Ballet Russes. Very playful and youthful with her bold use of colour patterns and prints. Great for your inner girly-girl. Also, she used a ton of flat footwear, so it's great for a comfortable girly-girl! :)

I love this so much. There was a real Little House on the Prairie vibe at the Rodarte show with floor length Prairie jackets, wheat printed hems and a folk-art element in geometric insets of leather and pony skin. Their inspiration was 'The Golden Hour' which was the hour before sunset when Terence Mallick's Days of Heaven was filmed. In a few words; delicate, organic, country, soft and sweet. What's not love right? For more from behind the scenes, click here.

Last but not least, the Donna Karan collection has to be my favorite. There was so much pretty to choose from, but to not bombard you with images, I'm sticking to just one. It was all very Grace Kelly, Hitchcock heroine-esque but these beloved classic styles (elbow-lenth gloves, flimsy blouses extended as headscarves and skirt suits galore) were modernized with a neutral palette. Am going mad for it. Behind the scenes clip, here.

Well, there's my Monday morning fashion featurette. Hope you liked it. If there's one collection to look at more closely, it's Rodarte's. As much as I love Donna Karan's, I have to applaud Rodarte for their inventiveness.

Have a good week! x


  1. I also really liked Marc Jacobs and Suno!


  2. Loving everything! You have a fabulous blog! I am your newest follower!


  3. LOVE the Jason Wu dress!!! It's beautiful! Would love for you to check out my blog... yours is fab!! :)


  4. Jason Wu's collection was amazing, love the shape of that dress you posted, I loved the colors and detailed pieces!


  5. love your choices!!! that second dress is to die for!!!


  6. love the second dress!!

    oh and how'd u get the snow falling animation thing on your pics? it looks really cool!


    follow me, please?



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