just a wee bit

{one} ice: crushed or cubed?
depends on the drink, no?

{two} what is your worst traffic pet peeve?
traffic in general is a pet peeve.

{three} what room in your house best represents your personality?
well, i'm not quite sure yet, seeing as i just moved, it's something I'm working on... but I guess, maybe, the kitchen?

{four} do you save old birthday cards?
some... the ones with a message that resonated

{five} when was the last time you went on a picnic?
wow. probably when i lived in Italy, with my dear Finnish friends.

{six} do you regularly check your horoscope?
this is kind of embarassing, but I check it everyday! it comes in my inbox from Daily Om and it is more like: this might stress you out today, here's how to stay zen through it.

{seven} when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet?
slippers, with a rubber sole. if my feet get cold it takes me hours to warm up.

{eight} what’s your favorite gambling game?
black jack

{nine} have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
yes, started. one chapter.

{ten} what is your favorite musical?
Miss Saigon

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  1. Visiting from Wee Bit of Me . . . We have some things in commn . . . I'm from BC . . . living in Finland:)


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