a love letter to SC

Happy Valentine's Day! 

What began as a youtube hunt for a favorite clip (scroll all the way down) quickly progressed into a full on saturation of the greatness and grace that is Sofia Coppola. I've just had a wonderfully SC packed weekend. Saturday night I saw Somewhere, and Sunday night it was Marie-Antoinette. I'm obsessed. She's my new role model.

Aesthetically speaking, Somewhere is pretty much the antithesis of Marie-Antoinette. Thematically, it's probably a little closer to Lost in Translation. I'm actually shocked that it's gotten no oscar love. I know I'm a little behind, the press has circulated, the movie's been out since Christmas. I just can't believe people haven't been raving about it. Look at the trailer. Even the way it's cut is all quality.

Also, Stephen Dorff. The vulnerability! Who knew? But see, this is Sofia. Sofia can draw that caliber of performance out of an actor. Actually, Dorff is unbelievably underated. Remember The Power of One? It's like he was the bad guy in Blade and he loses all credibility. Why am I pitying all over him and this movie? I'm not. I'm sad because people have no taste. A movie like this should be coming out every weekend. Since it's not where the money is, good directors (and bad ones) all bet on Anniston and 3D and a new mutating virus. Standards are low. I digress, sorry. 

Anyway, the point of this post is I love Sofia Coppola. I love her taste in interiors...

I love her talent for directing and her eye... everything she directs is like a wet dream to the eyes.

I love her style...

Most of all, I love how low key she is, her humility. I love that she lived in Paris and luxuriated in all the art and history and then returns to the States and does a purely minimalist movie. I love her less is more take on directing and her ability to recognize greatness in seemingly unlikable, messed up, conflicted and complex characters and quiet moments, that takes a keen sense of observation and a great sense of compassion. I just love her.

I hope you indulge in some sort of decadence today. x0x

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  1. I love her too! Actually, I just did a post on Virgin Suicides a few days ago. And I have some pics of her on my inspirations wall, and have been watching some of her movies recently (but I didn't see Somewhere yet!!)


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