so it looks like

I'm moving to our nation's capital. O-town. OTT. Ottawa. Well, not really... just outside it. A very small town known as Carp. This is where I will be running an ice cream parlor for the summer. Maybe parlor is too generous a word but I'm sticking to it! Tasty Cream is the name, soft ice cream's the game. It'll be my very first managerial gig! Lots to look forward to.

Also, I realize that this goes against what I expressed in my last blog post on le D, however I am beginning to believe that getting out of my head would be good for me, so I won't give up just yet. Aw golly shucks! My aunt would be so proud to hear this as I'm pretty sure she believes production is one's key to happiness. I'm so easily influenced it's not funny. No, but really, I don't disagree. I'm just glad I've been given the opportunity, and this will, indubitably, be good for me.

Here she is, my new home for the next six months! Photos were taken on a rainy day...
Ps - this means I get to cross something off my 101!

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