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I will be very busy this weekend as I'm packing up my little nook here in MTL and moving to Ottawa, but I will be squeezing in a good meal with a bestie, Ryan. We will go to this dream of a restaurant and hopefully go to the botanical gardens! Now historically I'm not very horticulturally inclined but I'm ready to get my flower on!

Links to trifle with:

Great movie and great decor (Design Sponge)

Victorian ball etiquette!!! (Grand Traditions Vintage Dance)

Dreamy bathroom design (Apartment Therapy)

NME's 10 tracks you have to hear this week - which really is a great way to learn about new tunes and bands! (NME) I personally like Joy Formidable's Popinjay and Cults' Go Outside.

This week I saw Masterpiece Theatre's Emma and I'm obsessed with it now! (blinkxtv)

Last but in no way least, it is my niece's birthday today, so shout out to her! Jumpy claps! You're 1! Woo hoo! Ain't she just the cutest?

Photo courtesy of my sister.

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  1. canadian eh??

    i'm having a giveaway.. stop by and join in.. it's a ruffled inspired giveaway.


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