"I've got a very important date!"

say you've got a date. say you've got a date to alice in wonderland. yikes! the heart is pitter-pattering and he's pretty special. let's say you want to look devilisciously hot (not a word but it should be). since it's a movie, say you can risk those sky-high heels for a few sedentary hours without putting your feet through exorbitant amounts of pain. now say you have a bucket load of money to spend on outfit for said date. this is my proposed outfit.

Alice in Wonderland Date!
Sunrise lamé dress, $1,495
Doma Cropped lambskin-leather jacket, $665
Proenza Schouler Oe0000 Platform Pump, $1,325
Ebury 739 Flower Purse, 95 GBP
Amrita Singh - Pearls of Wisdom - Montauk Pearl Ring, $50

hypothetical dates aside, i really really want to see this movie. have you seen this trailer?
major titillation.

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