Luella Spring 2010

I guess this is slightly a female counterpart to the preceding masculine post. Luella has always been a fave... by always I mean for three years now, but the love runs deep! As deep as Stella.
Luella Bartley (below) usually offers frou-froued, florally Lolita-type clothes for the teenager who goes to tea parties, garden parties and cocktail parties. Every dress was beribboned, multicoloured and frilled. Don't be confused with Betsey Johnson. Please. Betsey Johnson's girl is the poor man's Luella's girl (see this too). Do you follow? But it appears as though Luella's girl has moved out and is a young professional in comparison. Since this timely coincides with the strides I'm making in my life, I'm reveling in the headway. Not sure how I feel about the bows, though.
photos via here

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