101; Second batch; 15; More TO DOs.

Since this new fresh crisp year has begun I've committed myself to being an accomplishing machine. In short, I came across the idea of setting out 101 goals in 1001 days (2 and quarter years) on a blog and I liked it. I've been going public with these goals. Here's the gist of how I want to change my life. Here's the first set of habitual goals I declared, 18 of them. Below is the next batch.
  1. Go horseback riding.
  2. Get a dog.
  3. Be lazy one day a week. Make that day sacred.
  4. Girl time once a week, at least.
  5. Volunteer 1/wk.
  6. Start a book club - a spiritual theme book club.
  7. Start a creativity circle.
  8. Create a buddy system - more on that another time!
  9. Read at least one non-fiction a month.
  10. Read at least one fiction a month.
  11. Go to Versailles. Hello, Marie-Antoinette anyone?
  12. Go to Chatsworth. Actually the home of the Duke of Devonshire.
  13. Go to India.
  14. Go to at least one music festival each summer, or spring.
  15. Keep up with the music.
So that brings us up to 15 + 18 + abstaining from drinking for 2010 = 34. 34! Only 34! Wow I'm going to have to make these more easily attainable...

How about this:
  1. Get mum to treat me to a facial.
  2. ..and a wax.
  3. Treat mum to a movie date.
  4. and flowers.
  5. Do numbers 3 and 4 somewhat regularly.
Ok that brings up up to 39 goals so far. More to come!

Progress key: Still to Address, In Progress, Accomplished
pic of Chatsworth from Wikipedia

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  1. Numero 13 will probably prompt/inspire many others, just sayin' :)


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